SignUpGenius Dashboard

SignUpGenius is the mechanism we use for daily organized play. This includes: Pickleball, Men’s L2 Tennis & Ladies L2 Tennis. The only group that does not use a signup process is L1 Tennis. Our signup system will only recognize those who are active PTPC members. Guests must rely on their member sponsor to sign them up. (See additional notes at bottom of this page.)



IMPORTANT – A member’s email address must be entered into the SUG system before it will allow that member to sign up. We automatically enter a new member’s email address into groups based on whatever was chosen on their membership application. If you’re a member and unable to sign up for a desired group, please contact the organizer to have your email address added.

NOTIFICATIONS – Once a member’s email address has been included in a group, they can expect to start receiving email notifications from the organizer. Members of the Pickleball Group receive notifications frequently, while members of the Men’s Tennis Group & Ladies Tennis Group will receive fewer notifications.  

FILTERING – If you’d like to reduce or eliminate notifications from a certain group, there are a couple of options. A member’s name can be removed from any group, but it isn’t recommended because the member will be unable to sign up. A better choice is for the member to configure filtering in their email platform to provide control over what emails they see, while maintaining the ability to sign up. Email platforms vary in terms of filtering. Members can find instructions for the two most common platforms here: Gmail & Mail for iPhone.