Guest Policy/Message to Visitors

Thanks for your interest in the PTPC.  As a private club managed by member volunteers, we strive to keep our annual
membership dues affordable for seasonal residents and repeat visitors. Members are required to use their key to enter through our court gates. Guests are required to have a sponsoring
member accompany them whenever using our facilities. Please read our full guest policy below.

We encourage visitors to learn more about what the PTPC has to offer. We can make arrangements to show our facilities and answer questions. If interested, please contact us
. Feel free to access info on our available memberships here.

We frequently receive inquiries from visitors about temporary use of our tennis and pickleball courts. Our GUEST POLICY dictates that any non-member must have a sponsoring member who accompanies their guest at all times while using our facilities (unless otherwise approved). The only exception is during non-peak months, when we sometimes allow an unsponsored visitor to pay a daily guest fee for participation in organized tennis or pickleball play. These requests must be submitted & approved according to the process outlined in the final paragraph below.

PTPC members can sponsor any individual guest up to ten occurrences per season. The member must be present unless otherwise approved, and be responsible to pay the appropriate daily guest fee: $10 for non-family; $5 for immediate family (brothers, sisters, adult children); no charge for children and grandchildren under age 21, or 25 if student. 
Guest fee payments can be sent to our mailing address at the bottom of this page, or via Zelle® or PayPal. Guests must adhere to all club policies such as practicing proper court etiquette, and wearing appropriate court shoes (no running shoes, sandals, crocs, etc.). 

We are sometimes asked, what is the optimal time for members to sponsor guests? 
  ° Organized Play is a set two-hour window each morning where active members register online to play tennis or pickleball together as a group. 
  ° Open Play is any other court time, seven days a week, from dawn to dusk, when courts are available for walk up play, first-come, first-served
  ° With our courts becoming crowded during peak season months 
at Organized Play, we appreciate members bringing guests during Open Play.

When sponsoring a guest to attend Organized Play in June, July or August, we ask members to adhere to the following:
  ° One day before a member wants to bring a guest, they should check how many slots are available on SignUpGenius for the next day’s session.
  ° If the slots are not heavily committed to members, the member can proceed with signing up their guest for Organized Play.
  ° In cases where the slots are heavily committed to other members, the guest should not be signed up for Organized Play.

If an organizer receives a request from a visitor (defined as lacking a sponsoring member) who wants to join organized play in the either of the two days upcoming, the following rules will be applied. 
  ° Consideration WILL NOT BE GIVEN during the peak months of June, July & August. 
  ° Consideration WILL BE GIVEN be given during the non-peak months of April, May, September & October. In cases where court space on the desired date has been heavily committed to members, the request may be denied. If the request is approved, a daily guest fee of $10 will apply.

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