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Organized Level Play

Organized Level Play” is defined as all pickleball activities listed in SignUpGenius at set time windows, where members can register to play pickleball as a group. Courts 2, 4 & 6 (North Courts) are for 3.5+ Players. Courts 1, 3 & 5 (South Courts) are for 2.0-3.0 Players. Players are welcome to play at either level. 

Open Play

Open Play” is all non-organized times when the pickleball courts are open for walk-up play on a first-come, first-served basis. Members also have the ability to reserve a court in advance using SignUpGenius (seven days a week from dawn to dusk, except during Level Play times). Open Play is the best time for members to take family and guests to the courts.

Skill Level

Unless otherwise indicated on SignUpGenius, members of all levels are welcome at Organized Level Play, with the option of playing at their own skill level, or mixing it up with other levels. All players are encouraged to mix up play whenever possible. 


The “Paddle Rack” should be used whenever twelve or more players are present. With fewer players, cards might be used to mix up the teams. Games are played to 11, win by 2. In cases where four or more players are waiting to play, games should be played to 9, win by 1. Players should exit the court after completion.

Paddle Rack Guidelines

> Start from the #1  spot (4 slots) and move the playing rotation, or “Next Up” slide in increasing order. 
> When #5 spot is being played, move the “Next Up” slide to the #1 spot. 
> When a foursome removes their paddles to play on an available court, a member of that foursome should move the “Next Up” slide to the next spot (#5 to #1).
> Players are discouraged from keeping their paddles together in the same foursome repeatedly.
> You can download a copy of the PTPC Paddle Rack Guidelines here.

Guest Participation During Organized Play

  • When sponsoring a guest to attend Organized Play in June, July or August, we ask members to adhere to the following process.
  • One day before a member wants to bring a guest, they should check online to see how many slots are available on SignUpGenius.
  • If the slots are not heavily committed to members, the member can proceed with signing up their guest.
  • In cases where the slots are heavily committed to other members, the guest should not be signed up.
  • All visitor and non-member participation is governed by our Guest Policy.

Pickleball Instruction

Pickleball Events

Personalize Your Paddle

MYPadL is a paddle band that allows you personalize your PickleBall paddle.  Instead of hearing: “hey, whose paddle” over and over again between games, you’ll hear “hey YOUR NAME, you’re up!”  PTPC members should try to place group orders (50% discount for orders of at least four different name bands).

Discount / Club Rewards

PickleballCentral.com has a promotional program called ClubRewards that entitles our members to a 5% discount on almost everything they purchase, plus an additional 5% goes back to PTPC in the form of an annual gift certificate.  To receive the discount during checkout, enter our unique code- CRPentwater into the coupon box.