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JULY 20, 2024

Congrats to all of the participants. 
See pics in our photo galleryBelow are the top four finishing pairs:
1st – Emily Bagley/ Bob Guilford
2nd – Rachel Baker/ Nick Quinto
Tied for 3rd – Jeff Quinto/ Lauren Quinto

JULY 18, 2024

Congrats to all of the participants. See pics in our photo galleryBelow are the top four finishing pairs:
1st – LaVonne Thornton/ Jodee Melse
2nd – Sandy Werner/ Kendra Flynn
Tied for 3rd – Suzanne Gutwein/ Sue Johnson
Tied for 3rd – Wally Loague/ Ashton

JULY 9 & 11, 2024

Congrats to all the participants in the Women’s and Men’s 3.5+ Doubles. The competition was fierce and enjoyable for our spectators. See pics in our photo gallery. Below are the top four finishing pairs in each event.
Men’s Doubles on Tuesday, July 9
1st – Brendan McLaughlin/ Tony Provenzano
2nd – Zach Miller/ Byron Miller
3rd – Steve Howe/ Steve Alexander
4th – Jim Kett/ Steve Tracy
Women’s Doubles on Thursday, July 11
1st – Valerie Alexander/ Debby Stevenson
2nd – Christine Snider/ Liz Huyck
3rd – Paige Miller/ Dori Williams
4th – Cindy DiPangrazio/ Jackie Tracy

JULY 7, 2024

Pentwater and Ludington faced off yesterday in the annual “Broken Toe” tennis match at the Schoenherr Tennis Center. A great effort was put forth by both groups of Pentwater players, leading to a split in the final match count. The Pentwater ladies were fantastic in taking five out of their seven doubles matches on the day. They deserve our congratulations for their effort in winning back the cherished Ladies’ trophy!! The Pentwater men had a strong effort as well, but it wasn’t quite enough to retain the men’s trophy. The Pentwater men had success at the top of their lineup, but Ludington’s deep group of skilled players across all lines proved to be the difference. Thanks to all the players who participated in this fun annual event! We want to extend a special thanks to the PTPC Social Committee, especially Linda & Don Baumann who spent their entire Saturday morning helping to serve coffee and breakfast snacks to the players and fans. See photos in the Gallery section.

June 17, 2024

Larry Brown is an independent contractor who will lead our Youth Tennis Clinic again this year, plus he offers a limited number of private lessons to his existing customers. We have an additional instructor option this summer for those interested in scheduling tennis lessons. Brian McCauley is the son of long time members – Doug & Kathleen McAuley. His playing experience includes USTA tournament competition since the age of 10; achieving a top-10 juniors tennis ranking in the State of Indiana; and he was a key member of the Indiana State Champion Tennis Team at North Central High School. Brian’s past teaching experience includes stints at Meridian Hills Country Club, the Jewish Community Center of Indianapolis, and the Indianapolis Community Tennis Center located at North Central High School where they develop some of the highest ranked players across the Midwest and nation. Brian has a flexible schedule and is willing to work with members to accommodate their tennis instruction needs. His fee structure is: Individual Private Lesson – $60.00; Group Lesson with (4) players – $15.00 per player; Group Lesson with (8) players – 10.00 per player. To schedule something with Brian, please contact him directly at: 317-489-1132.


  • Coaching During Rec Play: The Pickleball Committee wants to gently remind everyone that recreational pickleball should involve being sensitive to your partner and opponents, while practicing good sportsmanship. It can be tempting to share your instructive input, but not everyone wants to hear unsolicited advice in this regard. Please start by asking if they want to hear your suggestions. A good article was recently published on this topic – Why Coaching Up Your Teammate During Pickleball Rec Play is Not Helpful
  • Lost & Found: We’re in possession of many items that were left behind at the Club. Please check the labeled tub in the new shed for clothing items, water bottles, eye glasses, etc., and claim anything that might belong to you. 
  • Locking Up: Anytime you look around and see that you’re the last one to leave the courts & grounds, please take a minute to make sure the court gates, shed, rest rooms, kitchen and storeroom are all locked. You’re diligence is greatly appreciated!
  • Guest Policy: Please follow our published Guest Policy when hosting visitors at our club. Members must be present with their guest unless otherwise approved. Guest fees can be placed in the box in the kitchen, or the sponsoring member can send payment electronically as outlined here on our website.
  • Emergency Management: The following guidelines should be used in the event of any serious injury or health event that might occur at our club.
    • In cases where 911 is contacted, it’s important to clearly communicate our street address to emergency services (8550 US-31 BUS, Pentwater, MI 49449). This address will be posted on the outside gate, as well as outside the pickleball courts and upper and lower tennis courts. 
    • Gloves are now available in the pickleball bin.
    • Ice can be found in the freezer inside the kitchen area.
    • AED training is planned for Tuesday, June 18 at 11:00 am. Please register on SignUpGenius


A very special thanks to Ron & Jan Gooding who continue to do an absolutely amazing job of organizing and putting on these fun annual events, along with all our participants and to our tournament workers! See photos of the most recent tournament in the Gallery section.

The Men’s Rotating Partner Round Robin was held on Tuesday, June 11. There were (20) participants divided into one pool of (8) players, and another pool of (12) players. The 8-player pool played seven rounds, while the 12-player pool played a rain shortened nine rounds (instead of 11).
Pool A Results: 1st Place – Pat Schaner; 2nd Place – Ryan Brenninkmeijer; 3rd Place – Andy Snider; 3-way tie for 4th – Zach Miller, Steve Tracy and Jim Kett.
Pool B Results: 1st Place – Steve Alexander; 2nd Place – Byron Miller; 3rd Place – Tave Reser.

The Women’s Rotating Partner Round Robin was held on Thursday, June 13. There were (24) participants divided equally into three pools of (8) players. Each player played seven matches to 11, unless the 12-minute limit shortened the match.
Pool A Results: 1st Place – Debby Stevenson; 2nd Place – Libby Miller; 3rd Place – Tina Walker.
Pool B Results: 1st Place – Valerie Alexander; 2nd Place – Paige Miller; 3rd Place – Amy Maffeo.
Pool C Results: 1st Place – Jackie Tracy; 2nd Place – Kati Guercio; 3rd Place – Suzanne Gutwein.

Pickleball Committee – Ron & Jan Gooding, Chairs
Thanks to everyone for recognizing the importance of using SignUpGenius to register for both Open Play and Organized Play. We’ve had a great turnout thus far. For reasons already explained in a message that was recently sent to all pickleball players, beginning Monday, June 17, we’re reinstituting a single “Challenge Court” for Organized Play in the morning time slots. The GREEN paddle box will be used by the challenge court players, and an instructional sign will be posted there to explain challenge court guidelines. 

Tennis Committee – John & Cindy DiPangrazio, Chairs
The first annual event of the 2024 season is the Ludington Tennis Match on July 6th, and both the men and the ladies are looking for additional players to join the lineup of doubles pairs. Interested men players should contact John DiPangrazio. Interested ladies should contact Cindy DiPangrazio. Alternatively, the official SignUp located here. The Pentwater Men are defending their championship this year. All PTPC members are encouraged to attend and cheer on the PTPC players as they strive to make Pentwater proud! The event will start promptly at 8:30 am at the Schoenherr Tennis Center.

Youth Clinic Committee – Jackie Tracy, Chair
This year’s event is coming up on July 8-11, with Larry Brown once again leading the clinic. The registration form can be downloaded online, and all are encouraged to enroll soon as time is running out. Participants must bring water, a tennis racket (a few will be made available), and they should be dressed in shorts, a t-shirt and court shoes. Parents are reminded to park in the appropriate designated parking areas. A couple of spots are still available for adult volunteers, so if you are wanting to help with the clinic, please use the sign up process here. The session is for participants ages 10 and under begins at 5:30 P.M., and the session for ages 11 and older begins at 6:30 P.M. 

New Members Committee – Jenn Walker, Chair 
PTPC would like to welcome its newest members: David Cizmas, Scott Stephens & Janet McKevitt, John & Betsy McIntyre, Jeff Johnson & Sarah Guinn, Daniel & Julie Angus family. Whether you are tennis or pickleball players, we are excited to have you join the club:

Aesthetics Committee Committee – Mary Bell & Cindy DiPangrazio, Chairs
Many improvements have occurred in the past several weeks. The newly painted shed blends beautifully with the clubhouse, while the flower boxes and flower pots enhance the welcoming appearance. The PTPC looks fabulous!  

Maintenance Committee – Ron Gooding, Jim Kett, Chairs
The maintenance committee members and many volunteers have done an amazing job of completing numerous projects this spring. Thanks to everyone who helped in the efforts, including many who aren’t mentioned. Removal of leaves and power washing the pickleball and lower tennis courts. Mike Guercio led volunteers to fill and paint the cracks in the tennis and pickleball courts. Ron Gooding and volunteers put up the 6 pickleball and 4 tennis nets. Jim Kett and numerous volunteers installed the 4 pickleball and 8 tennis windscreens. Ed Walker, Steve Howe, Jim Kett, and Mike Guercio painted the new shed. Jim Kett and Ed Walker painted the pickleball wall, and Steve Tracy painted the tennis hitting wall. Volunteers installed the freshly painted hitting wall on the tennis and pickleball courts.

Finance/ Development Committee – Ted Butz, Chair
The Finance and Development Committee met on June 10 and discussed establishing a Legacy Fund for the PTPC.  Furthermore, they discussed the creation of a Strategic Planning Committee whose goal will be to create a plan to ensure the financial future of the PTPC. One of the items being discussed is the possibility of establishing a simplified fee structure that aligns the number of players per membership with the amount paid annually. The topic will be discussed further during out Board of Directors meeting on July 12th. More information to come. 

Social Committee – Linda Baumann & Alina Shaver, Chairs
The Women’s Welcome Back Breakfast was attended by (27) tennis and pickleball members, and it was a huge success in spite of the cool weather! Everyone enjoyed the variety of food: everything from coffee, juices and breakfast dishes, to rolls, muffins and fruit, and certainly no one went away hungry. Jackie Tracy welcomed everyone back, and encouraged all of the women to speak to the Board if they have suggestions for club improvement. The rest of the morning was spent socializing or playing tennis and pickleball. A special thank you to all the Social Committee members for arriving early and arranging tables/ chairs/ food settings in order to make this a memorable event.

May 21, 2024

A name tag is a ‘nice to have’ for our members when attending the many competitive and social events we host at PTPC. Linda Baumann plans to place an order with a vendor by May 31. Anyone wishing to purchase a name tag can sign up here, and she’ll increase the order accordingly. Please see the attached photo example of the 1-1/2″ x 3″ name tag. It is crafted with high-grade, impact-resistant acrylic, black print on a gold background, and a magnetized bar. The cost for each name tag is $15. Please include the exact spelling of the name appear on each name tag (enter in the COMMENTS section). Contact Linda Baumann at: with any questions.

May 7, 2024

Jim Kett and Ron Gooding do a tremendous job of leading the maintenance committee in taking care of our property and facilities. They wish to express how deeply appreciative they are of the member volunteers who continue to step forward to make our club safe, beautiful and inviting. The club is open for play, and everything is looking great, but we have several tasks yet to complete this spring. The windscreens need to go up in the next couple of weeks under the supervision of Jim Kett. The cracks in the pickleball courts and the upper tennis courts need to be filled and painted as soon as the temperatures are consistently in the 70’s. Mike Guercio will supervise the “Crack Crew”. The Pickleball backboard is showing wear and tear and needs the surface boards replaced and painted. Most likely, this will happen over the next couple of weeks. Finally, the new storage shed needs to be painted, along with the tennis backboard. Steve Tracy, Ed Walker and Jim Kett will head up the paint crew. Feel free to contact any of these organizers to express your desire to help and get details on the schedule.

The PTPC Board of Directors recently voted and approved the purchase of an additional 1.5 acres on the north side of the Pickleball courts. The property was about to come up for sale on the open market, when the seller approached us with the option to buy at a favorable price, before it was listed. We are now the official owners of the property. Thanks to all the club members that have made this purchase possible. Our club owes PTPC member – Debby Stevenson our gratitude for the generous pro bono work that she & her administrative staff provided in this land acquisition process. A special thanks to Ted Butz for lending his expertise and hard work during the purchase process. Since Ted has such an extensive career in real estate, we asked him to share his perspective on why the Board unanimously agreed that moving forward with this purchase made total sense, because it equipped the club with three distinct advantages for our future.
From Ted: First, it gives us privacy to the north, which eliminates the possibility of someone else buying the property and building a house and then complaining about the noise. Second, it positions the club to achieve future expansion on the additional land, should it ever be required. Finally, there’s a generally accepted rule that it’s always prudent to buy undeveloped ground – contiguous to a property that you own whenever it comes up for sale. To summarize, the club has protected itself well through the purchase of this land, and should it ever be determined the land is no longer necessary, it’s an asset that could very likely be sold at a profit. Although, that’s something we hope the club never has to do.

Since this is the first year the club did not mailed out a hard copy directory, we want to remind everyone that our online directory can be found under the ‘Members‘ tab of our website, and it’s updated regularly. A downloadable version can be found here. Please contact us with any questions. 

Annual dues invoices were sent electronically via email on March 21st & 22nd with a payment due date of May 1. This was a departure from the previous practice where the club sent a hard copy invoice in the mail. We urge any members who haven’t yet sent payment to make their renewal payments as soon as possible. Payments can be made via check, Zelle®, PayPal®. More detailed payment instructions can be found on our website

Level 1 (Slower paced tennis) for men and women has informally started at arranged play times. Walt Urick is hoping there will be enough players to begin weekly play by May 27th, M-W-F at 9 AM. Those interested in being part of Level 1 play should notify Walt Urick.

The Level 2 Men’s and Ladies’ groups who utilize the SignUpGenius process will start organized weekly play on May 25th (Tuesday/ Thursday/ Saturday). These two separate groups are for players who compete at the NTRP 3.5-4.0 levels. The Ladies group organizer is Alina Shaver, and the SignUp can be found here. The Men’s group organizer is John DiPangrazio, and the SignUp can be found here

The PTPC has several events planned for the early part of June (see below). Members are encouraged to use the SUG links below, or contact the organizer with any questions:


May 3, 2024

Has been established as a new online video resource where we’ll try to post videos on our club’s activities, history, and instruction for both 
pickleball and tennis. The website now includes a ‘View’ tab on it’s primary menu, an a “YouTube Channel’ subtab that will take you directly there. We have playlists such as ‘Pickleball Rules‘, ‘Pickleball Instruction” and ‘Tennis Instruction‘. The PTPC YouTube channel will soon host our new live streaming camera where members can see pickleball activity and court conditions. Once the camera is installed, the public will be able to click the ‘Live” button on our YouTube Channel to view the live stream. Please stay tuned.

May 1, 2024

A new 
 ‘Rules Guides‘ menu item has been added under the Pickleball tab of our website. We’ve posted some excellent YouTube videos designed to equip members with must know rules, and changes for 2024. We stress the importance of understanding the set of rules covering the pickleball serve, as it’s not uncommon to see players question the legality of their opponent’s serve, which can lead to tense moments. You’ll find an excellent video explaining the differences between a legal and illegal serve, with coaching on how to handle it when a question arises. We’ve added a second ‘Learning Tools‘ menu item where you’ll find several teaching videos with player tips and strategies. Note the sound volume on each of these videos defaults to the ‘mute’ position, but you can ‘unmute’ by moving your cursor to the video you wish to view, and clicking on the speaker icon (it will have a slash covering when muted).

April 18, 2024

On March 7th, 2024, the PTPC Board of Directors approved a budget to install a new live streaming video camera on the storage shed for unobstructed, real time video of the pickleball courts. High speed Internet service from Spectrum has already been installed to support this connectivity. We are in the process of ordering all required components that will be located in either the Clubhouse or Storage Shed. Installation is expected to start around the middle of May. An outdoor WiFi access point will allow be enabled, so that our members in and around the concrete pad area can connect to the Internet. More details will be shared as the project nears completion.

April 9, 2024

We are encouraging all PTPC members to respond to the Pentwater Community Parks & Recreation Survey that’s currently underway. One of the topics being explored there is an indoor multi purpose recreation facility that might facilitate the ability to to play pickleball (on rainy days or throughout the winter months) in a local facility without having to travel to West Shore Community College. Please let your voice be heard by expressing your interests on the survey using the link. 
The Pentwater Community Parks & Recreation Board is made up of members from the Village and Township, as well as the School District, and this survey is part of their community input gathering for their 5-year Parks & Recreation Plan. The Board is in need of public input for the 2025-2030 Parks and Rec Plan. They would greatly appreciate the community’s support in this effort. Thank you to Chris Conroy for sharing this important information. Resident and non-resident input is welcome.

March 26, 2024

An email message was sent on March 21 & 22 to each member, which included an invoice for their annual membership dues. Please look for this message in your email inbox, and report back to us, if you didn’t receive it. The message originated from club co-treasurer Jodi Stanowick, and the sending email address was: If you didn’t receive your annual invoice, or if you have questions, please contact us.

March 16, 2024

The Board of Directors’ annual ‘Letter To Membership’ was sent via email on March 16th. It included a printable copy of the Membership Directory. Another email message will be sent to each member’s email with their annual membership dues invoice attached. Please be on the lookout for that message, which will be sent soon from  If you didn’t receive the ‘Letter To Membership’, or if you have questions, please contact us.

February 5, 2024

The PTPC Board recently adopted a new process for sending ANNUAL INVOICES & CLUB DIRECTORIES to members. In past years, volunteers printed and mailed these items via U.S. mail. As a result of our membership having grown so rapidly in recent years, this became a more costly and time intensive process. Starting this year, members will receive these two documents electronically in email form, rather than printed hard copy in the mail. This helps us realize major savings in shipping costs and volunteer personnel time, as printing and postage have been eliminated. Members can expect to receive the official email message in the late-March/ early-April timeframe. It’s important to note how easy it is for members to access these two documents on our website

    1. Annual Dues: Shows invoice amounts for each membership category, as well as various payment methods we support.
    2. Membership Directory: Listing of member names & contact info in spreadsheet form that can be printed by members as required (password protected & updated weekly).

Club News


December 7, 2023 Update

November 16th was a perfect fall day to play some pickleball, followed by a final clean up of the courts. The oak leaf piles were large in all the corners. It was a good time to remove them before a potential snowfall. The tennis nets were removed along with three of the pickleball nets. A super charged crew finished the work within an hour. A few days later on Monday, November 20th, the winter locks were placed on all gates for the seasonal closing. We are looking forward to seeing many of you for the spring clean up and partial opening of the courts. Stay tuned for details as the spring weather approaches. A very healthy and enjoyable holiday season to everyone on behalf of the club!

October 11, 2023 Update

Rain and chilly temps didn’t interfere with the shed delivery today. It was perfectly 
set in place. You would have thought it was Christmas morning with the guys’ happy spirits! Jim Kett, John Melse and Ron Gooding were there to oversee the placement of the shed and trim a few limbs. Steve Eisenlohr will install the electrical and lights on Friday. The shed already has a primer coat, so the plan is to paint it in the spring

October 9, 2023 Update

As you might recall from the announcement that was made at our annual meeting, Walt Urick will be stepping down from his decades long service as the PTPC Treasurer at the end of this fiscal year. With the vacancy being announced to the membership and the role description posted, the replacement subcommittee began answering inquiries relative to position. Letters of interest were solicited and reviewed in advance of the October 1st deadline. We are pleased to announce the Board of Director’s appointments of Jodi Stanowick as the new Treasurer, and Charlene Carlson as the new Assistant Treasurer. Both will fill a one year term to the Board. We feel very fortunate to have a pair of such well qualified candidates stepping into these vitally important roles. Jodi Stanowick previously served as a practicing CPA for ten years, with nineteen years of audit & compliance experience. Charlene Carlson has ten years of divisional & operational finance and general ledger accounting experience. In addition, both Jodi and Charlene have accounting degrees, as well as significant treasurer experience for state, regional & community based organizations. We wish to extend our thanks to the Board, to the members of the subcommittee, and to the talented candidates who generously gave their time to ensure the continuity of this very important role to our club.

I wish to thank the membership for the kind comments and notes of thanks that I have received over the many (31) years that I have been the club’s treasurer. I have watched with amazement the growth of membership during the last 3 years, mostly from folks wanting to play Pickleball. With that growth comes more accounting duties, which have outpaced my limited computer skills — I am still doing my work the “old fashion way”— pen and accounting paper. So, I am thrilled that Jodi & Char are willing to use their skills to upgrade our accounting procedures and modernize our financial reports. Though I will be resigning my treasurer’s position as of 1/1/2024, I leave that position with the comfort of knowing that it will be in good hands.

The sand & trap rock have been laid for the anticipated Wednesday, October 11th delivery of The Shed. Jim Kett & John Melse will be there to accept delivery. Jim & Jeri Kett have overseen the removal of a couple additional trees to make way for this installation.

The first winterization work bee session is scheduled for this Friday, October 13th at 11:00 AM. The SignUp can be found here, or feel free to just show up. The work effort will be coordinated by team leaders Jim & Jeri Kett, John & Jodee Melse and Mike & Kati Guercio. In the event of bad weather, the alternate date for this activity is Friday, October 20th.

There is a group of PTPC members who continue to play pickleball throughout the winter months at the West Shore Community College Recreation Center. Anyone staying in the area is welcome to join them. In order to play, you’ll first need to join the Ludington Area Pickleball Club, the fee for which is $25 per person. Details can be found on their website. Once you join the LAPC, you’ll begin receiving Pickleball Den sign up emails. The Recreation Center requires everyone to sign up for the daily sessions and show up accordingly, because they tend to fill up quickly. You will be required to pay the WSCC Recreation Center fee, with daily, monthly or quarterly options available.

PTPC Newsletters

  • We send newsletters via email to all of our members throughout the season. You can download copies here (password required).
  • If you’re not receiving the newsletters, please check your spam folder. You can also try these common fixes or contact us