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Court Playability

In the event of threatening weather, there could be delays, cancellations or postponements. Any of these changes will be posted here. 

Club News and Updates (updated 10/31/2021)

A special “thank you” to our maintenance committee and all the volunteers who showed up on Saturday, October 30 to make the winterization process smooth & efficient. Our bathrooms are now closed until the spring, but tennis Court #1 and Pickleball courts #1, 3 and 4 remain playable until the snow arrives. At that point, the nets will be removed, because clearing snow could lead to court damage.

Leaves and pine needles are falling later than usual this fall, so we’ll probably need another cleanup workbee toward the end of November to close everything down for the winter. Hopefully we’ll have a few members still available to help in late November.

Has ended for both tennis & pickleball. So, if the weather cooperates and you want to play, feel free to call around and arrange your own matches at convenient times.

Are now due, so if you sponsored someone to play on our courts, please pay to the club $10 per guest for each day you hosted a non-relative player, or $5 per day you hosted a relative player guest. Thank you to the many members who have followed our guest policy honor system, and have already forwarded payment of guest fees to the club through Checks or Pay Pal.

PTPC will remember 2021 as the year we reinvented the club: rebuilding (4) tennis courts and (6) pickleball courts, and gaining (34) new member units. Charter Member – Walt Urick says “I have watched in amazement the activity of this past year, and I send a heartfelt thank you to all members who made it happen, especially to Ron & Jan Gooding for their Pickleball leadership, and to Jackie Tracy for her tireless work in leading our board and encouraging our members to achieve the board’s vision of a first-class Tennis & Pickleball facility that will last for many years into the future!”

Thanks to the generosity of many of our members, we’ve received $88,350 in pledges to the campaign. Adding the $10,200 of initiation fees from our (34) new members, it brings our capital asset fund receipts to $98,550. But our capital campaign is still continuing. If you have not yet done so, please feel free to make a pledge or payment toward our Court rebuilding/ refurbishing projects. Pledges/ payments can be made in any amount and may be paid over 2 years. Please send a check or pledge form to PTPC, PO Box 403, Pentwater, MI 49420.

We’ve received two more new members: Janet “Cedar” Kindy of Gulfport, FL who was sponsored by Jan Gooding, and Jeff Quinto of Carmel, IN who was sponsored by John DiPangrazio. We received a total of (34) new member units this year, surpassing the (25) member units that actually formed the club in 1973. So, it seems that the slogan “build it and they will come” holds true for our club. A hearty welcome to all of you new members! All of us look forward to getting better acquainted as play resumes in the spring.

Jan Gooding reported that “we had our best turnout in our 5-year Pickleball tournament play history with (20) mixed doubles teams participating, along with a (6) member volunteer staff that was challenged to keep it all rolling. The weather was perfect and we ended the tournament in just over three hours.”
Congratulations to all of the top finishers as follows: 1st Place – Edward & Rachelle Larkin; 2nd Place – Jim Kett & Mary Franke; 3rd Place – Steve & Valerie Alexander; 4th Place – Steve & Jackie Tracy.
Thanks to the entire crew of table workers that made it all click so well: Jeri Kett, Alex Thompson, Sally Butz, Janet Nelson & Jan Gooding.

A friendly reminder that we’re able to give our members the option of sending money via PayPal to, and most of the time we receive payments without the 3% fee applied. However, we sometimes receive payments where the sending party’s PayPal account was incorrectly set to use their credit card instead of a checking account. This always results in a 3% fee being applied. Please ensure that when sending payments to PTPC, your PayPal is set to send from your checking account, not your credit card. Thanks!”

Our Club President, Jackie Tracy says “thanks to all who attended our Annual Membership Meeting on Friday, August 20. At the heart of this club is a robust volunteer committee structure, and we encourage anyone interested in helping to join a committee.”
The membership voted to:
> Confer an Honorary Membership on Bud Longnecker who was a tireless worker for the club for over 14 years and has moved from the area.
> Re-elect Jackie Tracy & Ted Butz to 3-yr terms to the Club’s Board of Directors.
> Approve the Board’s recommended 7-Year Capital Reserve Special Assessment of $40 for Individual Memberships & $50 for Family Memberships. The annual dues will continue to be $130 for Individuals, $180 for Families. Starting in 2022 and for a period of 7 years, the annual special assessment will be added to the annual dues for each membership, to be held in reserve to apply solely to future capital improvement projects of the Club.
> The Board of Directors met after the annual meeting and selected the following officers for 2021-22: ♦ President – Jackie Tracy ♦ Vice President – John DiPangrazio ♦ Secretary – Linda Baumann ♦ Treasurer – Walt Urick ♦ Past President – Jim Kett ♦ Directors – Ron Gooding & Ted Butz ♦

The good news is our ladies recaptured the “Women’s Cup” by winning four of the five matches. The bad news is the Ludington men retained the “Broken Toe Trophy” by winning four of the six matches, one of which was a tough tie-breaker loss for our guys. Special thanks to Jim Kett for captaining the Men’s team (and for winning his match with partner Bob Monfort), and to Cindy DiPangrazio for captaining the Women’s Team (and winning a thrilling 10 point tie breaker with her partner Jackie Tracy). Thanks also to our Social Committee under Linda Baumann & Alina Shaver for providing an outstanding meal for the players and spectators at this year’s Tournament.

Our parade chair, Nancy Wright, extends her “thanks to everyone who participated, from bagging the balls, to loading the truck, and driving the convertible. Thanks to Coach Larry Brown for handing out the bags from the jeep and to the ten marchers that distributed the balls to the crowd. The crowd LOVES receiving the balls which show up all over town in the afternoon.”

Our pristine courts are beginning to show shoe marks both white and black. Be sure you are using tennis shoes that will not leave marks on our courts. Running shoes, hiking shoes, sandals, etc., should never be used on our tennis and pickleball court surfaces.  Please be sure that the shoes you’re using are designed for outdoor court sport usage.

> Pickleball Mixed Doubles Round Robin Tourney — has been rescheduled for August 23 (8:00 AM – noon). 
> Pentwater-Ludington Tennis Tourney at Ludington — August 14 (8:30 AM – noon).
> Homecoming Parade — August 14 (meet at Hanover and Wythe Streets at 4:00 PM) 
> Club Annual Meeting — August 20 (5:00 – 7:00 PM).
> Club Tennis Tourney — JohnAugust 21 (8:30 – 11:30 AM).

Box will be left in Storage Room with items that have been left on our club premises like, sunglasses, warmup jackets, water bottles, etc. So, if you are missing something, check the storage area (East Door) of our clubhouse.

Are available for $27. Go to the following link for order information: Contact with any questions.

Covid 19 caused us to discontinue the guest sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in favor of using an honor system as follows. Each member who sponsors guests on our courts will be responsible to keep his/her own record of guests playing. Either periodically, or at the end of the season, the inviting member should notify the treasurer ( who will then bill them for the appropriate guest fees. Refer to page 18 of our Membership Directory for further guest fee information. Inviting members can also consider paying guest fees by using PayPal (send to or use

The metal case housing the AED has been moved to dryer ground. It’s now located under the covered section of the Clubhouse. A lock box is mounted next to the AED case, which holds a key that will open the metal case door. Enter the code 911 on the lockbox keypad to access the key. When operating the AED, once you press the start button on the unit, verbal instructions will lead you through the process of using the lifesaving device.

Please take a minute or two to check the clubhouse bathrooms before you leave. Please help us preserve & protect our beautiful little club.

The chairs on our new courts (1 & 2) are sitting on a piece of wooden siding to prevent digging into the new asphalt.  Please do not move the chairs from the wood fixture onto the courts. Your maintenance committee is considering various options to resolve the surface scratching/digging issues.

It has been removed, because water was yellowish and had a bad taste. Bottled water is available in the “Kitchen Fridge” if you forget to bring your own. Take what you need on the honor system and deposit $.50 into the donation can located in the fridge for each bottle you take.

Our four tennis courts can be utilized by the general membership to play on a “first come – first served” basis after the program play is finished for any given day. It is suggested that use of the courts be limited to 1 hour if others are also waiting to use the courts.