Tennis Info

Level 1 - Mixed

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2.0–3.0 MEN & LADIES

Mon/ Wed/ Fri
• TIME:  9 – 11 AM
• Organizer: Walt Urick

Level 2 - Ladies

3.5 – 4.0 LADIES

• Tue/ Thu/ Sat
• TIME:  9 – 11 AM
• Organizer:
Alina Shaver

Level 2 - Men

3.5 – 4.0 MEN

• Tue/ Thu/ Sat
• TIME:  9 – 11 AM
• Organizer:
  John DiPangrazio

Organized Play

Organized Play is a set two hour window where members of similar skill levels play tennis together as a group. The start time will vary based on temperature: late morning in the early spring & late fall/ early morning in summer.

Open Play

Open Play tennis is available seven days a week from dawn to dusk, except for those times set aside for Organized Play or Tournaments. Courts are open for walk up play on a first come, first served basis. 

Hosting Guests

The optimal time for members to host their guests is during Open Play. But members are welcome to bring a guest to Organized Play on days where SUG shows plenty of slots available. See our Guest Policy.

New Balls

The club furnishes new tennis balls for use in Organized Play, which can be found in the storeroom. Please return lightly used cans to the shelf.  

Used Balls

In the interest of having practice balls available, please place your used tennis balls in the ball cart located in the storeroom. 

Cart & Hoppers

Members are welcome to use the mobile ball cart & ball hoppers located in the storeroom for practice use. 

Ball Machine

A tennis ball practice machine is available for member use upon request. Please contact John DiPangrazio.

Pentwater/ Ludington Match (July 6, 2024)

Youth Tennis Clinic (July 8-11, 2024)




Racket Restringing Options


LUDINGTON — Call or text Noah @ 231-233-9338

MUSKEGON — Call or text Ben Lassanske @ 231-557-1685

USRSA WEBSITEList of stringers within 100 miles

2024 Tennis Event Dates

Pentwater vs. Ludington – website
  Saturday, July 6 (8:00 AM)

Mixed Doubles RR
  Saturday, July 20 (8:30 AM)

Club Memorial RR
  Saturday, Aug. 3 (8:30 AM)

Season Finale / Potluck
  Saturday, Aug. 25 (5:00 PM)