Gate Keys/ Entry

Being a private club, we limit court entry to club members and their guests. Each of our gates has a lock that can be opened using the key provided to members when they join the club. During our open season of April to November, members can use their key to unlock any gate. During the off season, winter locks are installed and members are unable to gain entry to the courts.  

Members are encouraged to make one or more copies of their gate key. This ensures they’ll be protected in the event of a lost key, and it helps to minimize how often our volunteer workforce is asked to provide replacement keys.  

Any member needing a replacement key can contact
Ron Gooding. His email address is: A cost of $5 per key would apply. 

Access to the bathrooms requires a second key (different from the gate key).  Rather than providing each member with a second key to open bathrooms, we ask them to access to a single shared bathroom key. It’s located inside a lock box that’s built into the wall on the front of the Clubhouse. Members can use their gate key to access the lockbox and remove the bathroom key. The bathroom key should be returned immediately after use. Once the bathrooms have been unlocked, they can be left open, if others are using the courts.

We’ve had several cases recently where the court gates and clubhouse doors have been left open with no members present. This exposes us to the risk of damage from potential vandalism. Please review the PTPC security policy that applies to all members as follows. The gates to our tennis and pickleball courts, along with our bathroom, kitchen and storeroom doors are opened each morning at the start of Organized Play, but it’s important that they transition to being fully locked whenever members aren’t present. That means departing members must always check to see if they’re leaving the facilities vacant (no other members playing tennis or pickleball). If so, the departing member needs to invest time to ensure that all gates and clubhouse doors are locked. Thanks to all members for your following this important policy going forward.