Pentwater/ Ludington Tennis Tournament

The longstanding “Broken Toe” Tennis Tournament involves players from the PTPC competing against players from the Ludington area.  
The event received its name early on when Ludington player Jack Shillinger donated a new trophy, and he broke his toe preventing him from competing that same year.  The coveted “Broken Toe Trophy” is awarded to the winner, along with annual bragging rights.

The tournament is played annually at the Ludington High School Tennis facility.  Cheering sections for both teams are highly encouraged!  The host team will provide lunch for all players, which alternates each year.  We hope to see you in Ludington on July 8, 2023 to learn – WHO’LL WIN THE TROPHY IN 2023?

The Ludington Daily News was kind enough to publish a story about how Pentwater & Ludington had split the trophy in 2021, and a similar story was published in 2022 describing another split of the trophy.  The latter story didn’t touch on the extend of the upset that had occurred when the Pentwater men finally prevailed.  The Ludington men had dominated for many years leading up to that point, but the addition of some new players for Pentwater made the difference.  The Pentwater ladies are hoping to get back on track in 2023.  Our respect for our Ludington opponent couldn’t be any higher.  The PTPC appreciates them hosting the tournament at their top notch public facility each year. 

If you’re a PTPC member family that plays tennis, we hope you’ll consider helping us win the trophy.  Click on the button below to sign up. 

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Images From the 2023 Event