Annual Dues

Annual Membership Dues

Invoices for annual membership dues are sent in the spring of each new year. We recently decided to move away from sending these invoices via the U.S. Postal Service, to sending them electronically as an attachment to an email message. We’re providing this page to detail the annual dues amounts for both the INDIVIDUAL and FAMILY membership categories, as well as the available payment options

Individual Annual Dues

                   Membership Dues:  $130.00
      Capital Assessment:  $  40.00

If paying by check or Zelle®:  $170.00
If paying via PayPal:   $175.10

Family Annual Dues

                   Membership Dues:  $180.00
      Capital Assessment:  $  50.00

If paying by check or Zelle®:  $230.00
If paying via PayPal:   $236.90

Send a Check via USPS

PTPC, PO Box 403, Pentwater, MI  49449

Send Money Via Zelle®

Look for Zelle® in your banking app to get started.  After you’ve enrolled, simply add our recipient email address*, enter the amount you’d like to send, review & add a memo, and then hit “confirm.”  In most cases, the money will arrive in minutes. 

⇒ No fee to send money via Zelle®

* Zelle® recipient email address:

Send Money via PayPal

With PayPal, you can make a payment to our email address* or use PayPal.Me**

⇒ (subject to a 3% fee)

* PayPal recipient email address:

** PayPal.Me Account: