Archived Club News

Conditional Membership Cap
The PTPC Board of Directors met on Wednesday, June 14th to discuss concerns around how quickly our club’s membership has continued to grow, and how that might impact things once a greater number of seasonal resident members show up wanting to play pickleball. The Club has added many new members this year, and although we’ve not yet reached peak season, we’ve seen times where the pickleball courts have become crowded during the morning session. 
Our current number of members sits at (289) as you can see tallied in the far right column of our online directory posted on the PTPC website. We could soon reach a point where the courts become overcrowded during organized play sessions, not to mention the likelihood that people might have difficulty finding a parking spot.  Much of the concern relates to the morning sessions, and a decision was made by the Board to take proactive steps to circumvent future problems.  The Board voted on and approved a policy whereby, if the Club reaches a total membership count of (325) before July 31, 2023, a temporary hold will be placed on our membership roster.  In the event that milestone is reached on or before that date, the PTPC will continue to accept new applications for membership, but any received would be placed on a waiting list, with the ability to have the applicant’s sponsoring member host them as a recurring guest during Open Play court times.  Any guest fees accrued during that time would be applied to the applicant’s future membership cost.  The Pickleball Committee will meet on June 19th to discuss any potential changes to how Organized Play will be managed, and membership will be kept abreast of any updates.

Potluck Appetizer Social
There was a great turnout last night on June 14 for the first of our Potluck Appetizer Socials.  More than (40) people hung out together on the patio to enjoy some great food and drink on a cool, foggy night in Pentwater.  We are looking forward to the next Social on Wednesday, July 12 at 6:00 PM.

Women’s Opening Breakfast
Thanks to Alina Shaver and the Social Committee for hosting the Women’s Opening Breakfast on June 9.  Fun was had by all with more than (40) women attending.  Several of our men were happy to stop by and help the ladies eat the overabundance of good food.  Everyone enjoyed a tasty array of breakfast entrees and beverages.  The ladies then played tennis or pickleball.  Please check out the photo gallery to view more good shots of all the action.  


Thanks to Ron Gooding, John Melse, Steve & Jackie Tracy, Jim Kett and Mike Bass for their hard work in completing the tennis backboard construction and installation on May 9th. Lisa DeMoss was proud to be the very first member to use the backboard. It is now available for use on tennis court #3.


The second PTPC Board meeting of 2023 was held on Monday, May 8th.  A copy of the meeting minutes can be found on the members page (password required).  The password can be found inside any of the last several 2022 newsletters, or you can contact us and we’ll send it to you.


The grounds committee has received tremendous support already this year with club opening / clean up activities, and we thank all those who contributed. We are once again seeking for volunteers for various recurring clubhouse, courts & grounds maintenance activities that are needed during the 2023 season. A SignUpGenius is now available for members to list their commitment to help out during the 2023 season. You can access the SignUp here, and commit to any available slots of your choosing.

With the start of the new season, we often see requests for a replacement key to unlock the gates on each of our courts.  Members are encouraged to make one or more copies of the key they’ve been provided.  This helps to minimize additional work for our club volunteers.  Having said that, if you find yourself needing to replace a lost key, please contact Ron Gooding.  His email address is  He would be happy to help you out.  A cost of $5 per key will apply.


We now have a fully functioning clubhouse thanks to the considerable efforts from John Melse, Ron Gooding and Pokey Walicki. The waterline leak was repaired, and bleach was poured to rid the pipes of bacteria. Having said that, we remind you of the following. The clubhouse water exists for toilet use in the restrooms. It is not safe to be used as drinking water!!!


A dedicated group of volunteers worked on filling the cracks on the pickleball courts on Thursday, April 27. It only took the experienced crew (45) minutes to get the work done. Special thanks to Ron & Jan Gooding, Mike & Kati Guercio, Macy Felter, Fritz Baker and Ed Walker!


The PTPC expended a sizable sum towards cement walkways during 2022.  The primary purpose was minimizing damage caused by small rocks getting tracked onto the courts.  In the interest of getting a strong return, members are asked to please try to stay on the sidewalks when entering and leaving the courts.  Any effort from members to wait until they’re on the cement pad or sidewalk area before changing into their court shoes would be much appreciated!


The Ludington Classic Pickleball Tournament 2023 Presented by Smith and Eddy Insurance is scheduled for September 8, 9 & 10, 2023.  Registration Fee $70.  Registrants will receive a tournament T-Shirt.  The schedule is: Friday- Women’s Doubles; Saturday- Mixed Doubles; Sunday – Men’s Doubles.  Registration opens May 1, 2023.  Interested participants should register here early to ensure a spot.



A total of (19) members showed up on April 7th to help out with the Spring Cleanup!  They raked leaves, cleared debris off the courts, installed nets, and did great work to get everything looking great for the upcoming season.  We owe our thanks to all who participated!


Monday, April 3rd was a nice day in Pentwater, and the Gooding’s took advantage of it.  They removed the winter locks, and set up a couple of the nets.  Thanks to Ron & Jan, we have a single tennis court, and two pickleball courts, available for club use.  Our “Working Bee” day is still this Friday, April 7, at 1:00 PM.  It’s subject to change, so keep an eye on SignUpGenius.


The updated 2023 Membership Directory was mailed to all PTPC members, along with a letter from our Club PresidentJackie Tracy.  We regret that errors were reflected in the contact info for a few of our members.  We ask that you please contact us, if corrections are needed.  A PDF copy of the directory in located in the members section of the website, which can be accessed by clicking on the icon to the left (password required).


Enclosed in the same envelope with the Directory was an Annual Dues Statement.  We ask members to send their dues payment as soon as possible.  If you didn’t receive your annual directory, please let us know.


Is available to all members in the “Protected Content” section of the website.  It is updated regularly with new member info.  All corrections received in response to the new directory have already been updated there.  Members will need to use the password provided to access the listing.  Please contact us if you need the password.


The first PTPC Board meeting of 2023 was held on Monday, March 6th.  A copy of the meeting minutes can be found on the members page (password required).  The password can be found inside any of the last several 2022 newsletters, or you can contact us and we’ll send it to you

MYPadL is the original paddle band that allows you to have personalized Banz for your PickleBall paddle!!! Instead of hearing: “hey, whose paddle” over and over again between games, you’ll hear: “hey YOUR NAME, you’re up!”
PTPC members should try to place group orders (50% discount for orders of at least four different name bands).

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We’re happy to report that construction of our concrete walkways was completed on Nov. 11. Click here to view the full gallery. The upgrade adds greatly to the appearance of our Club. Due to a slight funding shortfall, we continue to solicit contributions from our active court participants.

∞ Download the pledge form here

Read the
 2021 news article describing our new entry sign and purpose-built renovations for the evolving sport of Pickleball. Fast forwarding to 2023, these changes have clearly contributed to keeping our facilities alive with activity from a fast growing membership!

Read the story

In a 2018 study, tennis topped the list of sports proven to increase life expectancy. With a clear correlation between social interaction and longevity, it’s never too late for people of all ages to start playing Tennis and Pickleball. The key is to start now, and make the most of these benefits throughout your lifetime.

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A special “Shout Out” to our maintenance committee who made the winterization process smooth and efficient. Nearly (30) volunteers participated in our club’s winterization efforts on Friday, October 28. Most of those same members joined us the evening before at Pentwater Yacht Club for a joyous, season ending, happy hour event! Many, many thanks to Ron Gooding for coordinating the morning efforts, and to the Tracy’s, Gooding’s & Guercio’s for hosting the PYC get together. Though our bathrooms are now closed for the season, nets remain up on tennis “Court 1”, and pickleball “Courts 1, 3 and 4” to allow for further play. Once we start to see regular occurrences of snow in the forecast, all the nets will come down (clearing of snow off the courts could lead to court damage). The final season closing work bee is scheduled for December 1, when the nets will come down, final debris removed and the winter locks installed.

Ludington Pickleball Club has Indoor pickleball available during the winter months at the
West Shore Community College Recreation Center and St. John’s Church. You can see the available play options on their website (you’ll need to follow the instructions on how to participate). Interested players should start by creating an account on Once that’s completed, use the “search” function to locate the Ludington Area Pickleball Club. There is a $25 annual fee to join their club and participate (PB Den membership is included).

Thanks to each of those families that have already contributed toward our goal of raising $24,000 to cover the actual cost of this needed enhancement project. To date, we’ve received pledges from (43) members totaling $17,650. The PTPC Board elected to move forward with this project on the assumption that the remaining amount that was needed would be raised by the end of the year. We ask that active playing members who have yet to contribute reply ASAP with their own pledge using the attached form. Please email your pledge forms to:; or checks/ forms can be sent via USPS to our mailing address: PTPC, PO Box 403, Pentwater, MI 49449.

The Capital Campaign kicked off in 2020 is ongoing, with an objective of paying for the $141,000 in already completed improvements to our Club facilities. To date we’ve received $104,260 in pledges, and $99,366 in cash payments, with the remaining pledges of $4,894 to be paid within the next two years. The Club still owes $7,500 for loan repayment. The Campaign Committee is hoping to receive $3,240 in additional pledges, which would raise our capital campaign total to $107,500, allowing us to pay off our loan, and rebuild our Club’s Reserve Fund. Capital Campaign pledges can be made in any amount by using the attached pledge form.

It was a great evening on August 30, with thirty members participating in the final Pickleball Ladder event of the season, and nearly (60) people joining the Potluck Dinner afterwards. The brats, burgers and delicious side dishes and desserts were quickly devoured and enjoyed by all. Many thanks to the Gooding’s & Kett’s for coordinating this fun year-end event, and to the Social Committee for stepping up to help with the potluck when it went viral! Special thanks to Linda & Don Baumann, Kelie Bond, Alina Shaver (for setting up the potluck and the clean up), Dan Sheehan (for cooking the hamburgers), Fritz & Suzi (for cooking the fries), John DiPangazio (dishwasher), Jodee & John Melse (clean up, locking gates and unloading trailer). Kudos to everyone that helped make the night such a success! Based on that, it’s a sure thing this event will be repeated in the coming years.

Our Club President- Jackie Tracy wants to share the following notice: “For the past several years, a loyal PTPC friend has provided very reasonable bi-monthly cleaning services. She is retiring this fall, and we are now looking for an individual to perform this work. The position involves the cleaning of our Club restrooms & kitchen, which requires a commitment of about 20-25 hours each summer at the hourly rate of $25. If you would like to recommend someone for this position, please contact Jackie Tracy.

Our Club uses an “honor system” approach to collecting guest fees, which means that each member who sponsors guests on our courts is responsible to keep his or her own records. Members are responsible to pay a daily guest fee of $10 for non-family, or $5 for immediate family (brothers, sisters, adult children). Guest fees can either be paid periodically as they accrue, or a total amount can be paid at the end of the season. Members can forward their accrued guest fees either by check, or through PayPal. Checks should be made payable to PTPC, PO Box 403, Pentwater, MI 49449.

We had 15 teams participating in the Mixed Doubles Pairs 60+ Tournament on Sunday night, August 14. Congratulations to all the Championship Round finishers as follows!
1st – Mary Joslin & Jon Achenbaum
2nd – Val & Steve Alexander
3rd – Ann & Brad Hubbard
4th – Jeri & Jim Kett
5th – Jen & Ed Walker
6th – Jan Gooding & Ted Butz
7th – Cindy DiPangrazio & Steve Howe

The Club Memorial Tennis Tournament
was played on Saturday, August 6, 2022. It was a beautiful summer day, and fun was had by all. A rotating partners/ doubles round robin format was used with twelve players competing in separate Women’s and Men’s divisions. The top three finishers (out of eight) in the Men’s division were Jon Achenbaum, Mike Carlson and Jim Kett. The top finisher (out of four) in the ladies division was Dori Williams. Congratulations to all of them!

Club President Jackie Tracy has appointed John DiPangrazio, Jan Gooding and Walt Urick to be this year’s nominating committee. There is only one directorship that needs to be filled this year. If anyone is interested in serving on the board, please contact one of the nominating committee members.

Please join us for our annual meeting at 5:00 PM on Thursday, August 18, 2022 at the
Clubhouse of the Cottages, 400 S Clymer ST in Pentwater. The meeting will serve the purpose of electing a Director, reviewing committee reports and transacting other business that may come before the club’s membership. The meeting portion should conclude by 6 PM, followed by a pizza & salad supper (provided by the Club). Soft drinks will be available, or if some other beverage is preferred, members are encouraged to BYOB. Please RSVP here by August 16, so that adequate food arrangements can be made.

We collect them, so they can be handed out to spectators in the parade. We ask that you please drop them off at the PTPC clubhouse before Thursday, August 11th, so they can be bagged ahead of time.

The most fun you’ll ever have! All members & their families are invited to walk behind our PTPC vehicles and hand out balls to parade onlookers during the parade on Saturday, August 13th. Please report to the Pentwater School on Park ST by 3:45 PM, and look for our entry in the lineup. Wear your PTPC shirts & caps to let the community know who we are, and project a welcoming feel to potential members.

We had (8) teams of mixed doubles pairs competing in a round Robin tennis tournament on Saturday morning, July 23rd. Jim Kett did a great job as the tournament organizer and he reports that “everyone had a great time at the tournament, the there were really close scores between the top finishers.” Finishing in 1st place with (18) points was Dori & Hank Williams. There was a three-way tie for 2nd place with (17) points each: Brad Hubbard & Rachel Baker; Steve & Jackie Tracy; Abbie & Graham McWeeny. There was a two-way tie for 5th place with Jim Kett & Alina Shaver, and Jeff Quinto & Pam Howe.

We’ve hosted a tennis clinic on the past two Monday mornings, and our Club President Jackie Tracy was a participant last week. She reports “the clinic went really well and everyone got a great workout.” Please join us on Monday mornings for ball feeds and drills to improve your tennis skills. Contact:

Ron and Jan Gooding did another tremendous job of putting together this fun event, with (32) PTPC members participating. View the photos here. Thanks to: Fritz Baker, Steve Howe and Ed Walker for getting the courts dried off in time for our 8:00 AM start. The tournament was finished in a little over 2 hours. Congratulations to the winners as follows.

  • Women: 1st Place – Tina Walker & Tiffaney Quinn; 2nd Place – Connie Eifert & Amy Maffeo; 3rd Place – Jackie Tracy & Cindy DiPangrazio
  • Men: 1st Place – Steve Howe & Ed Walker; 2nd Place – Jim Kett & Dave Dornseif; 3rd Place – Steve Tracy & Jon Veurink

PTPC hosted an “Adult Beginner’s Pickleball Clinic” on July 12 where candidates learned to play what is perhaps the fastest growing sport in the world. The event was jam-packed with (22) participants, eleven of which were existing members. According to organizers Ron & Jan Gooding, the participants had fun and raved about the patience of the coaches and how much they hope to continue playing and improving. Ron Gooding was the lead instructor, accompanied by eleven volunteer coaches on the courts. 
Below are two group photos: First is all the participants in the clinic. Second is all of the volunteer coaches (from left to right: Kendra Flynn, Jen Walker, Ed Walker, Mary Hannigan, Fritz Baker, Mike Guercio, Kati Guercio, Jodee Melse, Tricia Zangara, John Melse, Pete Zangara. Not pictured: Ron & Jan Gooding).

It had been ten-plus years since our men had last triumphed in the annual ‘Broken Toe’ Tournament. Those that were present at the Schoenherr Tennis Center on Saturday, July 9th witnessed a rare and exhilarating win, with the men eking out victories in five-out-of-nine doubles matches. Our ladies were but a few key points away (in a handful of close matches) from defending their title from last year, with two wins in seven matches. Click on the link to read the local news article and official results. Thanks to all the players, spectators and volunteers that helped, and special thanks to Pam and Steve Howe for serving lunch. Additional photos from a day that won’t soon be forgotten are located on theGallerytab.

Kudos to Coach Larry Brown for running another fabulous camp this year. There was a good turnout with great weather, including (30) kids in the “10 and under group” and (18) in the “11 year old plus” group. It was great to see all the smiles while the kids learned values that tennis teaches them about life, and to see them approach the fundamentals of tennis. Photos can be viewed on the ‘Gallery‘ tab of our website. Many thanks to the following members who came out to support Coach Larry throughout the week: Steve & Jackie Tracy, Alina Shaver, Dori Williams, Graham McWeeney, Bobby & Colleen Monfort, Ted Butz, Steve & Pam Howe, Jeff Quinto, and John & Cindy DiPangrazio. Special thanks to Tom & Rosemary Bloemsma who are back at the helm coordinating the rigorous registration process with Walt Urick. Thanks also to Robin & her crew at Gordy’s Skate Co for our annual t-shirt order.

Another round of Intermediate and Advanced clinic sessions will soon be underway on Wednesdays (starting on July 20 over four consecutive weeks). The Intermediate Class starts at 11:00 AM, and the Advanced Class at 1:00 PM. The Intermediate Class is almost full already, and the Advanced Class can also take a few more. Jim has expressed a willingness to offer another Beginner’s Class, if at least (8) people contact him to express their interest. It would likely be held on Fridays, 2:30—4:00 PM (starting on July 22 over four consecutive weeks). To register or inquire about any of these clinics, please contact:

A member of our club has graciously purchased the “Pickleball Tutor” machine that was previously owned by Ron & Jan Gooding, and donated it back to the Club. Any member can now have easy access to the machine (located in our club’s storage room) for skills improvement purposes. The machine is a bit complicated, so introductory training is a prerequisite for use. There are three opportunities for members to attend a short session conducted by Ron (July 18, 19 or 20 at 10:00 AM). Trained members can then, in turn, instruct others.

Just a friendly reminder that whenever the court you’re playing is left empty upon your departure, please check to ensure all gates have been locked. In the case of pickleball, all four gates should be locked. Also, if you appear to be leaving the Club entirely empty, please check to ensure the restrooms and other clubhouse doors have all been locked.

This is a reminder that shoes such as crocs, sandals and running shoes are not to be worn on the courts. We recently sent a note to members on the topic of keeping tennis and pickleball safe. It referred to our Club policy on wearing proper court shoes. You can read it here.

Access the flyer here

  • LUDINGTON: NOAH LAMAN Call or text @ 231-233-9338
    Price: $40 (synthetic gut included, or you can provide your own strings)
  • MUSKEGON: BEN LASSANSKE Call or text @ 231-557-1685
    Excellent service for custom restringing (USRSA Certified Stringer). He accepts drop off appointments, but if we can identify a minimum of 5 or 6 rackets needing service, he’s willing to make a trip up here on a pre-arranged date & time, and service all of them on the spot, same day. Contact John DiPangrazio and let him know how many rackets you would like to have restrung. 

Another successful PTPC Social took place on Wednesday, July 13th that was attended by (40) members & guests. Kudos to the Social Committee under Linda Baumann! The Annual Membership Meeting on August 18th will serve as our August Social event.

The Club was impacted by some minor vandalism sometime during the July 9-10 timeframe. All three picnic tables had political messages written on them in permanent magic marker. A police report was filed, the maintenance committee reversed the boards on the tables just in time for our major club events on July 12 & 13. These same messages were discovered and reported in at least two other locations in the county. Please keep an eye out for anyone suspicious and report them to club leadership, or