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Pentwater #1 Doubles: Jay Goldner, Patrick McAuley

It had been ten-plus years since our men had last triumphed in the annual ‘Broken Toe’ Tournament. Those that were present at the Schoenherr Tennis Center on Saturday, July 9th witnessed a rare and exhilarating win, with the men eking out victories in five-out-of-nine doubles matches. Our ladies were but a few key points
 away (in a handful of close matches) from defending their title from last year, with two wins in seven matches. Click to read the local news article and official results.


Read the local 2021 news article describing our new entry sign and purpose-built renovations for the evolving sport of Pickleball. Fast forwarding to 2022, these changes have contributed to keeping our facilities alive with activity from a fast growing group of new members! 

Capital Campaign

We want to provide members with an update on the Capital Campaign that was kicked off in 2020, and is slated to run through 2023 when we celebrate our 50-year anniversary. It’s been a big success, but we’re not quite to the finish line.

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Exercises for Living Longer

In a recent study, tennis topped the list of sports proven to increase life expectancy. With a clear correlation between social interaction and longevity, it’s never too late for people of all ages to start playing Tennis and Pickleball.  The key is to start now, and make the most of these benefits throughout your lifetime.

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